How to get your mojo back – Get rid of your stress

Stress is a funny emotion; it stops us from thinking of new ideas or solutions and causes us to feel rather ordinary. Stress and worry blocks happiness, creativity and living life to the max.
I remember there was a time in my life for a period of about 2 years in which I lost my routine and passion for my life. I stopped exercising, I stacked on 10kg, was struggling with some emotional issues and it was the unhappiest time of my life to date. I was tense and stressing about everything. This was a first for me, for I am a very positive person and have been a keen exerciser my whole life. During this time however, exercise seemed like a chore, I was so exhausted all the time and I worried that I would feel more tired if I exercised. I also thought “what’s the point?” Apart from work I had no routine and nothing inspired me.
Then my therapist/energy healer, suggested I take up Salsa dancing to boost my “feminine energy” and believed it would be of benefit to me. She recommended a dance school, I contacted them and started Zouk classes- a Brazilian style of dance. At first I was quite stiff and worried about the steps a lot, my shoulders were tight and I was looking down trying to do perfect steps. However, the teacher, Alex, did me a big favour and reminded me loosen up, to let go of trying to get it perfect and instead give in to the dance and to dance with my heart and soul. I realised in class, that the way I was dancing Zouk was the way I was dancing in my life – stiff and trying to control everything, which is an impossible feat. Sometimes, we all need reminding, and Zouk was that for me, to let go, smile and embrace life again!
As I started to give in to the dance, I was connecting with me again, I found myself smiling with my heart and soul, trusting in me and it felt so good. I started going with the flow more in my own life, and trusting in the process without getting attached to a particular outcome.  As a result, it sparked my passion for running and gym (I even joined a gym on an 18 month contract – commitment?!), I’m feeling more creative with my work and positive about my future.
Inspiration and new ideas only come when the mind is clear and relaxed. The stress I was feeling previously blocked out all the good that I’m experiencing now.
I also learnt when you trust, let go and embrace life, something ignites inside of you that money can’t buy; others will want a piece and ask you how to get it and you simply say, “I let go of trying to control everything, I chose happiness.” Because when you do, more good things will come, like a beautiful ripple effect.
I recommend any style of dance for both men and women, it’s a way to connect with who you are and iron out the stiffness and stress that you may be holding onto. Is it time to let go?
Stay happy and healthy,
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