Who is Dr. Andrea Pahmeier?



I am self-employed, mother, wife, naturalist, gardener, cook … all this with passion. As a self-employed I have been working for almost 20 years with all the ups and downs. In addition to other work I have developed  my own skin care series, which contains my entire knowledge.

As a natural scientist, I am a promoted biologist and biochemist and my skills are the development of new products, mainly from new or unusual raw materials, which are usually simply rediscovered. I like working with regional raw materials and their producers.

For many years I worked in the field of regenerative medicine and was an expert on cell cultures and special, absorbable carrier materials. When my son was 2-3 years old he got increasingly more skin problems with itching, reddened, scaly spots. We then went through a whole selection of creams and pastes, but the success was never permanent. Somehow I thought then …. You have so much knowledge about skin regeneration, cells, hydrology etc …. And the right knowledge of natural, interesting raw materials …why not using it?  I then met someone who produced cosmetics on order and from then on it developed almost independently …. He still did the things for me, but I wanted to know exactly how to do it, and then I got involved, expanded my knowledge, attended further training, and finally made it myself. There were then quickly additional products added.

I like to work with so-called dry oils, which have excellent properties for the skin. I like to take grape seed oil, sesame oil, almond and macadamia nut oil. These four oils are also the sole basis for my really very good skin oil. In creams and lotions, I also like to use coconut oil, which is very good for the skin and is currently undergoing a renaissance. In some products I also process precious sanddorn fruit oil from the region here. Other substances are beeswax, colored earth, extracts of marigolds. This is a selection and always depends on the purpose of the product.

In addition to the really outstanding skin oil with four different fragrances (rose, lavender, marigold, jasmine) Bodylotion, handbalsam, footbalsam, soaps, bath salts, scrubs, bath oil, nourishing face cream, hand lotions … Masks and bathing milk as well as bath bubble. Oh, of course also lip care. It has already become a whole assortment over the years.

The products stimulate the skin to help itself again. They support the skin in their natural flora and support the natural pH, the acidity of the skin. If this is disturbed, the growth of single bacteria or yeasts can easily occur, which can lead to problems. Not that I am misunderstood: we need this microfilm from a variety of different bacteria on our skin. They keep like a placeholder unsuitable bacteria or these can not spread.



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