Float through London in your hot tub


One thing you do come to realise, quite quickly, is that you’ve never seen it all at The Handbook office. Hot tubs are the coveted summer accessory that we desperately seek out during the season. After all, little beats a bubbling pit of water, champers in hand as the tan tops up a treat. Well, that’s what we thought anyway until we saw something sure to go down even more swimmingly. Drifting in this summer are HotTug UK’s floating hot tubs. Bath tubs and hot tubs aside, these super human tubs will transport you through the capital’s iconic cityscape, Camden Hells beer in hand, whilst you drift away with friends into the sunset.

The HotTuggers will set sail from the company’s newly announced second location, West India Quay this August, with the experience lasting for 90 minutes. HotTuggers will be surrounded by the scenic Canary Wharf – in other words, have a good wave at the bankers and workers whilst you sashay past in an inflatable tub with a beer. Sounds alright doesn’t it?

To celebrate the launch, HotTug are giving away a chance to name a HotTug. The winner will then get the chance to have a free trip aboard a floating hot tub…bet there’s something you don’t hear every day! You simply submit your suggested name and the winner will be picked by Founder, Tommo Thomson.

So, if you do like to be beside the quayside, jump aboard.

HotTugs will open for business on 1st August every Wednesday through to Sunday, at West India Quay, www.app.getoccasion.com



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