Felicity Huffman Prison Life’s a Mixed Bag … Work On Your Tan, But Also Make Your Bed


Felicity Huffman won’t be doing hard time when she spends 2 weeks behind bars, but it ain’t Hollywood glamour either … she can do some sunbathing, but only after she makes her bed.


The actress is turning herself in to FCI Dublin Oct. 25, where she will serve her 14 days for her role in the college bribery scandal … and we’ve got an inside look at what Felicity’s life will be like.

Upon entry, Felicity will be stripped searched and then she’ll get a jumpsuit, with 3 pairs of underwear. She’ll get a hygiene kit with a comb, deodorant, toothbrush and some crappy toothpaste, plus a roll of toilet paper. She better conserve her squares — Felicity gets one roll of TP every other week, which in her case means the roll needs to last her entire stay.

Felicity will be required to make her bed by 6:30 AM every weekday morning. On the weekends, she’ll have to straighten up her prison cot by 10 AM. No maids, of course.

Most of her time will be spent inside, but Felicity can still catch some rays. Sunbathing is allowed at FCI Dublin, but only on the sun decks from 4 PM Friday until 8:30 PM Sunday. BTW … inmates get at least 1 hour of recreation time each day.

As we reported … Felicity was sentenced Friday, in what is clearly a spectacular loss for prosecutors.

Prison food generally sucks — just ask Bill Cosby — and Felicity will sit down for lunch from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM every day, but she can’t leave the mess hall with anything more than a piece of fruit.

Felicity will mix with the rest of the prison pop … the inmates have a common area complete with TVs, cards and board games. Fair to guess … she’ll be Mrs. Popular.

Hear that??? It’s Lori Loughlin breathing a huge sigh of relief.


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